Was the DCnU necessary??

I was not looking forward to the DC revamp. I wasn’t dreading it, or outraged by it, I just didn’t see the need. Great artists and writers will always attract attention, regardless of the issue number. But it’s not a surprising move these days, since a revamp of some kind is never far off for any comic series, be it with a new identity, costume or setting. But what’s done is done and with the first month of the New 52 over…What’s the verdict?

The good news is that the best issues were brilliant. They shone out as winning combinations of artists and writers that packed in as much brain as brawn. My personal Top 5 were as follows:

1. Action Comics – Fresh, fast, fun and fantastic
2. Aquaman – A whale of a time
3. Wonder Woman – Less is more, and scarier
4. Batman – Bat to basics with gusto
5. Batwoman – Stylish and swift, if sparse

There were a few guilty pleasures like Justice League and Demon Knights that were high on spectacle (and explosions) but failed to offer much else. Others like Green Lantern were perfectly acceptable chapters in ongoing stories but felt a little underwhelming this month. And some were not even worth picking up let alone being disappointed by (I’m looking at you Red Hood and the Outlaws).

So was it worth it? Well in my opinion, no. The comics that impressed me (about 20% of all the titles released) could have easily been made without resetting the entire universe. And while I’m being frank, a success rate of 1 in 5 should not be acceptable for a business move like this. For every decent series the readers enjoy they have to put up with four bad ones? Surely DC shouldn’t bother unless they can guarantee a higher level of quality all round. At any rate, as long as I avoid looking down the shelves at all the wasted potential, I might be able to pretend as if nothing has happened.

Joe Read.