Alan Moore’s Greatest Hits | Part 1

To celebrate this week’s release of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 1969, we’ve decided to do something Alan Moore themed. SO, what’s going to happen is we’re going to write up our most favouritist Alan Moore comic book moment EVER. Then if we can be bothered, at the end we’ll choose which one deserves to be the crowned champion of them all… get it? Sweet, first one come’s from resident GCB writer Joe Read

The Death of the Invisible Man

There are so many magical moments of innocence in the second volume of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen but this one from issue five really pushes the envelope. You will be hard pressed to find a sequence of such horrific violence executed in such a sophisticated and stylish manner. To set the scene; Griffin, after betraying mankind to Martian invaders, is discovered by Mister Hyde, who is more upset over an attack on his crush Miss Wilhelmina Murray.

The prolonged and savage attack that follows is a brilliant example of a creator using what the reader can’t see to disturb them. But the real unpleasantness follows during dinner with Hyde and Captain Nemo, as a deceased Griffin’s blood finally materializes on Hyde’s person. Hyde’s blasé reaction and Nemo’s tirade upon discovering the body turn this ghastly moment into pure black comedy.

Come back tomorrow for the second part, Watchmen will be mentioned! 

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